Single use plastic ends up in the ocean, poisoning our planet and emits carbon when it’s made. This contributes to plastic pollution and the climate emergency the world is facing

We are a zero-waste refill company that home delivers household products to your door and refills your containers, so you don’t have to throw away single-use plastic packaging

Zero Waste Home Delivery

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Zero Waste Home Delivery

Now more than ever we need to support and help the environment. A clean environment is essential for healthy living and is also our home that we must protect. Single-use plastic is used for packaging in many everyday products, including shampoo, soap and washing up liquids.

Too much single-use plastic ends up in the ocean, and as a result, poisons our planet and emits carbon when manufactured . The world is facing both a climate emergency and a plastic pollution disaster. Therefore, we need to take steps to become more eco-friendly in the way that we live.

At Zero Waste Delivery, we are a zero waste refill company that delivers refill household products directly to your door. So, you don’t need to throw away any single-use plastic packaging ever again!

Zero Waste Refill Shop

Our zero waste delivery service removes the hassle of refilling with our online zero waste refill shop. We deliver straight to your door in our zero-emission full electric vans, ensuring that we maintain our eco-friendly ethos. We have a vast sellection of zero waste refill products, including hand wash refill, eco shower gel refill, household cleaning products, laundry, hair care, dish washing, toilet roll, foods and even luxuries. All of your essentials can be refilled, so you can help the environment and not spend a fortune on new bottles for your products at the same time.

Zero waste home delivery is convenient and beneficial at the same time. You can choose between refills in pre-filled re-useable bottles or our refill from the van service. When we refill your bottles, if there is any difference in what we refill compared to what you ordered, we will refund or charge you the difference.

Opt for zero, packaging, zero carbon and zero single-use plastic with our zero waste delivery service. Our zero waste refill shop streamlines shopping and is even easier than recycling!

How Does Our Zero Waste Delivery Service Work?

Before we get started, you will need to check which delivery service we offer for your area, by using our online tool to check your postcode. We currently offer local delivery in our electric vans to most of London and the South East. The rest of mainland UK is covered by our courier delivery service. Our full range of products including fresh food is available with our local delivery service. The nationwide courier service will deliver everything except fresh food.

The next step is to choose the products you would like to purchase. You can either choose new products or select refills either pre-filled in a re-useable bottles or we refill your existing empty bottles from the van (only available to local delivery area) Finally, choose a day and time that is convenient for your delivery. If you’re not going to be in for the delivery, we can leave your order in a safe place for you.

To ensure the whole service is zero waste we will collect, sanitise and reuse the empty bottles and packaging. We can either collect the empties when we deliver your next order or simply schedule a courier collection free of charge.

To find out more information about our zero waste home delivery and our shop, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team directly, today. We can work together to help prevent plastic from poisoning our planet and damaging the world we live in.

Together we can stop this
The Zero Waste Delivery Company is a home delivery refill service that brings all the benefits of refill to your doorstep which takes the hassle out of refilling yourself

Zero Waste Delivery:

Containers are refilled and re-used

No throw-away plastic packaging – products are delivered unpackaged or in re-useable bottles and containers

All containers are refilled and re-used – There is no single use plastic and no plastic bottles are thrown away

The whole operation from our warehouse to your doorstep is zero carbon. We use renewable energy and all our vans are full electric vehicles

We use zero-emission full electric vans to ensure that our part of the supply chain is zero carbon

Refill and reuse is one of the significant changes that you can personally make to help stop the climate emergency

Why Refill instead of recycling or composting?

We know that we should not throw plastic away, but what's becoming clear is that recycling is not the solution either. A lot of plastic still ends up in the oceans, landfill or is incinerated, which releases waste toxins into the environment

Recycling plastic wastes a lot of energy to collect, sort, clean and process into, yet more, single use plastic. Only a fraction of recycled plastics end up in new products.

Compostable single use plastics are also not the ideal solution as they use as much carbon in their manufacture as normal plastics and still have to be disposed of

Frequently Asked Questions

There are very limited refill stations although the number is growing but the range of products is often very limited. They rarely have convenient parking. Refilling is very time consuming, very awkward to do yourself and you have to carry back heavy bottles once filled

Zero waste is as much about zero carbon, zero emissions and zero fossil fuel energy as it is about zero packaging. The only way we can offer a true zero waste home delivery service is with electric vehicles

Recycling does not work. More often than not it will end up in land fill, be incinerated or get into water systems and eventually the oceans causing massive problems for wildlife. The plastic that does end up being recycled will waste a lot of energy when it is collected, sorted, cleaned, processed and then manufactured into a new product. This waste can be avoided with refill and re-use

Although they use less plastic than a conventional plastic bottle, they are still single use which means they waste materials and energy in their manufacture and distribution and after use they either have to be recycled or go to waste – this is not a good solution

We are currently offering free delivery and refill service as a special offer to help our customers through these difficult times.

The minimum order is currently £25

You can order any combination of products that we have in stock

Yes you can - we want to encourage our customers to buy in bulk. However in these difficult times if supply becomes limited we may have to restrict the quantity that can be purchased in an individual order (either refill or new bottle) of each type of product per customer per delivery so we can help as many of our customers as possible with their essential household products

We offer free courier delivery to the whole of the UK mainland

We offer a 10% discount to any NHS worker. We also offer this discount to all workers and volunteers in the Military, Fire Brigade, Police, Coast Guard, RNLI and Mountain Rescue. Please email us and we will send you the promotion code

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