Good Refill Practice

Please note the following recommendations whilst using our refill service:

  • Ensure any bulk containers are stored inside in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight
  • Ensure the container has been washed out and dried prior to filling
  • It is recommended that the container has been used for the same product previously
  • Where possible we recommend the manufacturers relevant bottle in the daily size containers are used for refills
  • If you are using a container that previously held a different product ensure the container has been washed out and dried prior to filling
  • Ensure the container doesn’t smell (if the container has previously stored a strong fragranced product then this can affect the refill)
  • Ensure the container is capped as soon as possible to prevent any product contamination
  • Ensure the closure is secured tightly to prevent any leakages on the journey home
  • Ensure the container is labelled correctly
  • Do not leave the cap/fitting off the bulk container any longer than required

This document is intended as a guide only to assist in some of the good practices and is not exhaustive.

Zero Waste Delivery accept no liability for issues arising out of poor refill practices.

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