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Zero Waste is borne out of a long-standing passion for the environment and the impact we all have. Since 2010 we have worked in carbon energy and have partnered with the Carbon Trust and devised a number of inventions for the clean energy sector. 

Along this journey we have always been conscious of plastic waste and the sheer quantity of it in products we use and buy everyday and were pleased to see zero waste shops popping up in towns across the UK since 2016. Through using these shops, it became clear quite quickly that they’re were not the most accessible places to shop, often having limited parking, having to carry empty jars in and full jars out, pumping liquids into bottles, it was quite a laborious process and we knew straight away how to improve the customer experience for zero waste shopping and make it more accessible…….take the shop online and to the customer’s door. 

The Zero Waste Delivery Company was born. 

We are a small team of passionate people who want to bring the best, ethical and sustainable products to our customers and make the process of zero waste shopping hassle free and available to everyone.  

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