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Greencane 100% Biodegradable Kitchen Towels are made from a mix of recycled bamboo fibre (bagasse; a byproduct of the sugar refining process) and sugarcane. Both bamboo and sugarcane are a type of grass, which are fast growing in tropical regions and farm harvested, usually on an annual basis.

Greencane 100% Biodegradable Kitchen Towels are produced in a factory which is quality accredited with the environmental international standard ISO14001. Having this environmental certification ensures you, the consumer, that the correct and safe bleaching & environmental manufacturing have been carried out on this product.

GMO free.
Each roll 80 sheets, 2 ply.
Free from inks & fragrances.
ISO14001 Environmentally Certified.
Contains 30% certified wood pulp for strength & softness.

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